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New Agent/Manager, Demo & Website Updates

There is nothing quite like someone else than yourself believing in what you do. Especially when that person has over a decade of experience in the music industry as DJ and event organizer in and around Los Angeles. After about a year of online contact we connected in the physical life after her move to […]

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Debut EP ‘If Only’ on Bandcamp

“A stunning electronic soundscape of emotions – at times beautiful and ethereal, other times dark, raw and brooding. An ambient array of sweet, hopeful melodies punctuated with perfectly timed explosions of dark, stabbing bass, fuse together to tell a story of hope and beauty, of love, loss and rebirth” — The 4th Social Club & […]

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‘Fear in the Land of the Brave’ in Support of the ACLU

“A darkly textured, almost post-apocalyptic track featuring a vehement speech condemning Trump’s anti-immigrant executive order that through its heavy piano and distorting violins reaches a harrowing crescendo that leaves you gasping for air. Instead of an outrage, the track feels like it’s intended more as an ominous warning” — A BelovedĀ Fan   Fear in the […]

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