There is nothing quite like someone else than yourself believing in what you do. Especially when that person has over a decade of experience in the music industry as DJ and event organizer in and around Los Angeles. After about a year of online contact we connected in the physical life after her move to Seattle and she’s even more bound and determined to get me out and playing in clubs than I could hope for. Because really, though I know how to make a song and how to mix music, networking and ‘making connections’ to get gigs still scares the crap out of me. Thank you Sabrina! You’re the kick in the ass that I needed ^_^

To help in making the connections needed, the website got a few updates. We’re now sporting new Bio and a special Demo section for promoters, event organizers and venue managers that hosts 10-15 minute clips of styles I am able to play. Not just on the website though, I got a little crafty to create something physical to hand out as well. And yes, of course there’s a CD inside.

If you or someone you know would appreciate a disc with 5 mini mixes from yours truly, please drop me a message (jaimecereus at gmail) and we’ll get you set.

Head on over to check out the Bio and Demos section of the site now and enjoy the techno!