“It’s about the trip, the journey, the transportation through audioscapes and aural atmospheres that take you away and make you want to close your eyes and experience. Everything else is secondary.”



Born in the Netherlands, now living in Seattle, Jaime has always been surrounded by music from an early age on. From blues and rock to classical to metal and later in his teens inching towards electronic music through the gateway of industrial, music was in his blood; literally. Late teens and twenties turned wild with several bands and home productions ranging from groovy metal to prodigy-like dance that lead to some local fame.

After over a decade of DJ’ing radioshows online in multiplayer games and for several outlets, it was in 2009 that she picked up mixing under the tutelage of a renowned Swedish techno DJ after meeting in Second Life. Though what followed was a dip in musical activity due to ‘life’, the virus caught and the different aspects of Jaime started to brood and emerge. After an incubation period of about 5 years, Jaime picked up mixing again in 2014 and truly dove into techno and related genres, investing every free hour in expanding their music library, practicing, and streaming live sets in Second Life. In 2016, Jaime joined the crew of StromKraft Radio and now provides a monthly techno trip with their Transporter series and is actively moving from the virtual into reality, aiming to create a name for themself in the Pacific Northwest.

“Don’t play what they want to hear. Play what they didn’t know they wanted to hear.”


Jaime uses Traktor with Kontrol S4 Mk1

Listen to Transporter, a monthly techno-focused show on STROM:KRAFT Radio
Find mixtapes, live DJ sets, and past episodes of Transporter on Mixcloud.
For contact & bookings please email directly: jaimecereus at gmail