Thank you for taking the time to give these outtakes and minimixes a listen, and for considering booking me at your club or event. Your time and attention are very much appreciated!

Below is a quick overview of different moods for different occasions to showcase ability and style. Please note that each style can be presented in a 2-3 hour set, and of course combinations are natural depending on the crowd and theme of the event. Enjoy!

Warm-Up Dub

A brief indication of what a warm-up set would be like with strong dub influences, yet it would also work for chill afterhours. Recorded for this demo.

Groove & Pump

This one is specially recorded for this demo and demonstrates an accessible, bouncy style of techno.

Hard & Wild

A signature blend of late 90’s to late 2000’s driving bangers, taken from ‘The Dark & Hard vol.8, Live @ Dark Hive SL’

Dark & Driving Techno

Heavy, deep layering of moody, droning tracks, lifted up by driving synths. Not always accessible, but the lover of this style will appreciate it. Taken from ‘Transporter v.04’

And That Tech House Thing

Because it’s not always and only techno, this elevating minimix was recorded for this demo and displays that tech, too, can be ‘rawr’.